Sunday, June 19, 2016

Anton Yelchin


Anton Yelchin died tragically on Sunday the 19th June. He was only 27. He was found In a horrible collision pinned between his car and a brick mailbox at his San Fernando Valley home.

 With the horror of Anton's passing spreading, foul play is not suspected by the police. John Cho who plays Sulu seated adjacent Anton's character Chekov on the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 bridge has expressed what most of us are thinking.

 "He was a true artist - curious, beautiful, courageous. He was a great pal and a great son. I'm in ruins. Anton Yelchin who speaks in his native Russian accent for Star Trek's reboot movies was born in St Peterburg in 1989.

So now Star Treks trilogy is completed with the 3rd installment Beyond missing its peppy Navigator for its July 22nd premiere. JJ Abrams, the director of the rebooted franchise, shared a hand written tribute to the actor.'Anton,' he wrote, 'You were brilliant. You were kind. You were funny as hell, and supremely talented.'And you weren't here nearly long enough. Missing you JJ.' .

'This is unreal,' the actor's friend Anna Kendrick tweeted on Sunday. 'Anton Yelchin is such a talent. Such a huge loss.'

 Anton Yelchin looked towards his predecessors in Star Trek TOS like Walter Koenig for insight into the role and drew upon his own Russian background and created an intense speaking Russian Navigator who impressed and wooed fans worldwide.

 He cracked many of us up - and will be a hard act to follow. Remember "I can do zat?" I think its fair to say Anton pulled that act off fair and square.

 Looking at these cruel gates - there was no escape when Anton Yelchin momentarily exited his two ton vehicle. That Jeep was a beast. Anton must have been checking his mail? and the Jeep - Grande Cherokee which was in neutral and running moved - Tragically it rolled backwards on a steep incline. He obviously didn't realize the danger until it was too late and was found by a friend. It really was such a tragic, awful way to die.

 In happier times Anton starred as Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation. Including films Fright Night, and horror film Green Room starring Alia Shawkat, Patrick Stewart and Joe Cole.                                             


The Driftless Area, Burying the Ex, Rudderless, The Smurfs 2, Like Crazy, Charlie Bartlett, and Alpha Dog. Anton also recently completed work on the indies We Don't Belong Here, Rememory, and Porto, which are all due out later this year.

R.I.P. Anton. So many people are already missing you.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2

Star Trek Beyond trailer 2 has finally arrived. Hooray, its here! Looking back over recent memory bank records, my findings clearly indicate, Star Trek Beyond is behind Star Trek Into Darkness by at least two months but whos counting? Were you counting down the days, hungering for the next trailer?

 It isn't uncommon you know, its easy to get lost in the vastness of space, theres only yourself, your ship, your crew - States the High Command of the Federation. 

Fear of death is what keeps us alive says Dr McCoy. So what happens when the Federation flagship, USS Enterprise NCC 1701 is boarded by unknown "Swarm" Aliens? Whats F.B.I Agent (Chuka Ekweogwu) going to do? Unless something is done fast, Captain Kirk's crew is going to have big problems! So whats the next move???

 Swarm Long and prosper, trekkers.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Worf, Xon and Yang

Worf (Michael Dorn) makes up for his lack of a true Klingon upbringing by trying to be a super Klingon, Kapla!

Xon (David Gautreaux) never got to play this Vulcan character, now I wonder why? He was supposed to be the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 Science Officer in the never made Star Trek II, long story short Nimoy's I am not Spock soon switched when the idea of a multi million dollar movie was in the wind. The rest you can guess. Gautreaux got a small part in Star Trek The Motionless Picture.

Yangs are the bitter enemies of the Kohms in the less than subtle allegory that was "the Omega Glory."

Live Long and Prosper.

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